ACO StormBrixx’s versatility allows it to be used in applications across all construction environments as part of an integrated sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) scheme.

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 now gives overall ownership responsibilities for SUDS systems to Local Authorities. As part of the National Standards within the Act, adopting authorities are required to maintain and ensure on going operation of all sustainable drainage systems - requirements which cannot be met by most current geocellular systems. ACO StormBrixx addresses the primary adoption needs of the Local Authorities by providing true 3D access for inspection and maintenance, whilst retaining the structural integrity of the installation.

The ACO StormBrixx plays a key role within the design of any SUDS drainage scheme, such as open parking areas, commercial premises, retail or residential developments. A whole system design can be created when used in conjunction with other ACO products such as the ACO Qmax high capacity drainage system, and bespoke ACO Vortex Flow Controls.
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Video case study
VIDEO CASE STUDY : ACO StormBrixx overcomes retail site's longterm flooding issues
full system movie
See the complete Stormbrixx system explained in this comprehensive movie
wembley case study
Stormbrixx is challenged on a small site installation in Wembley, London. Read the full case study.