The first installation of a stormwater attenuation tank constructed from ACO Water Management's new ACO StormBrixx geocellular attenuation and infiltration system has been successfully completed at the new £3.5m Charles Goddard House care home development in Wembley, West London.

With access and free space severely restricted at the site, groundworkers from Heneghans Construction Ltd were only able to meet the tight installation programme by exploiting StormBrixx's unique design features which reduce on site storage by up to 75% and minimise ground excavation volume.

The 35 cubic metre tank sits directly beneath a new access road leading to a small parking area to the rear of the home. To conform to the SUDS requirements of the project, the tank has been designed to provide offline attenuation for a 1 in 100 year storm with a maximum permitted discharge - via an ACO Q-Brake Vortex flow controller - to the combined main sewer of 5 litres/sec.

Tight access meant the excavation had to be completed in stages with the tank being assembled as each load of soil was removed. To achieve this without any delay to the timetable, all the tank components had to be immediately available to the team. This would not have been possible with a conventional modular tank, but with the StormBrixx stackable design it only takes up around 25% of the space. The system's high 95% void ratio also minimised the excavation volume needed to achieve the required storage – reducing time, transportation costs and carbon emissions.

The tank collects rainwater as it percolates through the porous paved access road surface. It enters the top face of the tank through a layer of ACOTex filtration geotextile. The tank also receives water directly from the roofs to the rear of the property. Attenuated stormwater outlets from the tank to a manhole where it is joined by rainwater from the front facing roofs. From this manhole, the site's surface water discharges via the ACO Q-Brake Vortex flow controller to the main sewer at the permitted 5 l/s.

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